Since the beginning of history, Stones have formed the infrastructure of civilization. The relationship between our ancestors and stones was deep enough to withstand thousands of years and is still standing.
Even after the rapid evolution of building and construction, natural stones are still and will continue to be indispensable resources for their classic aesthetic and unmatched durability.
As a continuation of this journey JODAD was created to combine our experience in stone quarrying, sourcing, processing and installation to fill an important gap in the equation between quality and cost.


By applying professional methods of stone manufacturing alongside the most up to date technology we will work to fulfill our main objective, customer satisfaction.


Rooted in our belief of the importance of nature we aim to spread the value of marble & granite usage.

Exporting Marble & Granite (Blocks, Slabs, cut to size)

Supply and Install Marble & Granite for all project scales (residential, commercial, mega projects) either (Exteriors or Interiors)